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Why Is Small Biz U FREE To Join?



1. We sincerely want to help you. I struggled with business success for many years before getting it all figured out. I hate to see anyone struggle unnecessarily.


2. Many of our students want extra help beyond what is available through Small Biz U, and join our coaching program, the


3. There a few advanced programs that we make available to our students that are not free and so we make money from that. 


4. YOUR lifetime membership will always be free (once you have joined), but we may start charging for lifetime memberships sometime in the near future! 


5. We do NOT sell your contact information of release it to anyone other than registered faculty of the (to see our current faculty list, click here).






This tool along with all the others from Small Biz U should be making you into quite a smart business owner. If you have any questions on this or any other topics, send us an email to or give us a call at 888-443-8720.


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