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The Invisible Touch” Book Review

A Standard 

I hold for myself and my staff is to read at least 1 book every week. So far I've finished my third marketing book in three weeks. The best of the bunch was a great book, "The Invisible Touch" by Harry Beckwith.

This is a book that is ideally suited for business owners & marketing directors because the focus of this book is on how to market a service. In it, Beckwith discusses the 4 keys to modern marketing: Price, Brand, Packaging, and Relationships. I like this book because of it's laid-back, down home tone. It was an easy read because there were stories that really made the concepts easy to understand and fun to read. Some of the essential points are:


The more it costs the better it seems. If they come for low price, they’ll leave for low price. Package your services; hourly fees create fear and uncertainty.


Brand creates perceived value and a “placebo” effect for better results. Aligning yourself with other solid brands can increase your perceived value. Having a better brand trumps higher quality.


Look as great as you are. Beauty trumps quality. Your package is your service.


Business is about people. Choose clients that are like you. To build trust, build consistency in everything you do.

These are but a few of the amazing insights from this book. If you sell a service, there is no excuse for you not to be reading this book! Go get it now and reap the benefits.

by Christian E. Mickelsen

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