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Therese Skelly is the “Small Business Owner’s Success Coach.”  Combing expertise in coaching and personal development, Therese helps her clients work on the “Inner Game” of their business in addition to being a supportive partner in creating the ever important activities that will insure success.  Therese is  the Director of the Shared Vision Network  in Phoenix, Arizona.  This is a vibrant organization dedicated to providing business development and networking opportunities.  Therese works mostly with professional service providers who are feeling like they are a hostage to their businesses. Having been self employed for 16 years, so knows the mindset of the independent and entrepreneurial thinker!  She received her coaching certification through Coach for Life, and is a Licensed Professional Counselor as well. 


Personal Information: I live in Scottsdale, Arizona…..but it’s a dry heatJ!  I’ve been married for almost 18 years to Jim, and have two very fun and cool little boys…Danny and John. Our home is somewhat of a zoo, with a dog, cat, turtles and fish. I volunteer weekly with my boys at an animal shelter.


Interests: Learning!!!  Business growth, spiritual growth, family time, creating community.


Vices: Iced tea!  And eating out!


Strengths: I have the ability to help people find strengths in themselves they never knew they had.  I also am very intuitive, funny, and very optimistic.


Weaknesses: I don’t exercise enough.


Favorite Movies: Romantic comedies.


Favorite Books: Business development books, spiritual stuff, Anne Lamotte, Maeve Binchy


Accomplishments: I think raising healthy kids and having two businesses is quite an accomplishment!  I am also President of my Toastmaster’s group, have conducted many workshops/retreats, support all those around me, and volunteer at my church. I’m proud of all of those activities.


Who I Am:   I am the person who can hold the vision of your greatest success.  I am a lover of life, and am tireless about always growing and improving.


What I Value Most: Integrity, community and family, spirituality, abundance

What I Value Least: Dishonesty, lack of courage