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Dr. Gayle Carson, known as the "Wiz of Biz" is the author of "Winning Ways:  How to Get to the Top and Stay There."  An entrepreneur from the age of 13, Gayle celebrates her 45th year in business for herself.  Gayle's motto has always been "Be the Best You Can Be."  Throughout her career as the owner of a chain of career and technical training schools, head of one of Florida's top casting and talent agencies and convention service companies, directing seven divisions and several hundred people, she has practiced what she preached.  She developed a speaking/consulting/performance improvement practice that covered 49 states, 50 countries and 1000 clients in 50 industries.  She is the author/producer of over two dozen workbook/audio/video CD rom programs.

Personal Information: Gayle lives in Miami Beach, Florida (and part time in San Diego, CA) and enjoys a relaxed yet exciting life.  Gayle enjoys aerobics, animals, swimming and reading.  She is currently writing a new book, S.O.B.--Spunky Old Broads.


Hometown:  Albany, NY

Current Residence:  Miami Beach, FL (and San Diego, CA part time)

Marital Status:  Married

Interests:  Animals, theatre, fitness, casual dining, the water


Vices:  None of course!

Strengths:  Persistence, discipline, love of people

Weaknesses:  Works too hard and long when I love what I'm doing

Favorite Movies: Anything light and romantic and especially the old musicals

Favorites Books:  Really good "how-to" business books

Accomplishments: I don't really like to list everything, but there are the books, tapes, videos etc., the fact I've been elected to over 40 Who's Who Books, been President of several local, state, regional and International Associations, raised 3 children and have 1 grandchild and stayed married for over 40 years!

Received my CSP (Certified Speaking Professional), one of less than 8% in the world and my CPCM (Consultant to Management) and my Doctorate in Education.  Continue to study new techniques each and every day.


Who I Am: I am an experienced business person who can increase your sales, improve your bottom line, and retain your customers.  In addition, I am a really fun person who will make you more money!


What I Value Most: Honesty, truth, love

What I Value Least: People who won't even try, who disrespect people and animals, and who always play the victim.