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Amy Grossman has created and taught courses in marketing and entrepreneurship at colleges in New York and Boston for 15 years. She has a keen interest in fostering entrepreneurship as a path to personal freedom and authentic expression. Before starting her own coaching, consulting and training practice in 2002, Amy was founder and leader of a school of continuing education at a top-tier university. She used her business knowledge and skills to turn $100,000 in seed money into a $1 million business in three years.

Personal Information: Amy lives in Boston ….the capital of learning. She is married to her high school sweetheart and they still share many interests – home renovation, visiting museums, staying fit and spending time with family and friends. They have grown children who give them great pride and pleasure.


MBA with Honors
B.F.A. with Honors 
Graduate of The Coaches Training Institute
Graduate of the Institute for Management & Leadership in Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Certified Teleclass Trainer
One Page Business Plan® Certified Consultant
Completed an Executive Training Program with a major retail organization after graduating from college


International Coach Federation, Membership Committee of the New England Chapter
Business Network International, Education Coordinator of a local chapter

Interests: Adult learning, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, small business effectiveness, family and friends, art of all kinds, reading

Vices: I can’t resist buying books, even though my bookcases are overflowing

Strengths: Empathy, a good listener, skilled analytic and creative thinking, the ability to make others feel safe and valued, seeing the greatness in others and drawing it out.

Weaknesses:  I don’t like to cook. I can get unorganized at times.

Favorite Movies: Independent films of all kinds. Two movies I enjoy for their coaching spirit are “Pay it Forward” and “The Journey” (on DVD, 2001)

Favorite Books:

I read daily and have many favorite non-fiction and business books. I recently enjoyed Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking by Malcolm Gladwell 


  • A long marriage and grown children who still like to spend time with family
  • Juggling the time demands of family, work and school while continuing my education
  • Creating high-quality programs and businesses that last
  • Clients and students who let me know that I helped them reach their potential – usually more than they initially thought possible
  • Creating a business plan forum for women to discuss and learn from each other’s written plans
  • Earning tenure as an associate professor of marketing and entrepreneurship at a Boston college
  • Launching a coaching practice to inspire and be inspired by the creativity and resourcefulness of my clients.
  • Work with a personal trainer to reclaim my “inner athlete”

Who I am: I am a catalyst for others’ success. I have first-hand experience with business start-ups and help navigate the natural ambiguity that comes along with creating something new. I am a learner, mentor, coach, teacher, cheerleader, and ever steady confidant.

What I Value Most: An open mind, compassion, persistence, generosity, love, family, health, and laughter

What I Value Least: Mean-spiritedness, dishonesty, and selfishness

Favorite Quote: "I am still learning.” Michelangelo